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Sick of fundraising? We are your experts at raising money from sponsors!  Fund your campaign and reach your goals by calling on supporters. Pick your sponsor from our approved list.  We do the work and you keep ALL the proceeds. Fundeazy provides a Campaign Manager, web page, participant outreach and social media messaging with real time data analytics. 


Why Crowdfunding?

Traditional fundraising doesn't work. STOP sending your kids door to door peddling goods that nobody wants. We help any organization that serves youth including: performing arts, sports, academic clubs, volunteer service groups, scouting, religious, music, and more. If you are a teacher, leader, coach, volunteer, or parent that works with youth, FundEazy will change your life.



Kids play Sports in the U.S.

Kids need extracurricular activities and are participating in great numbers. The opportunities are abundant, but so are the fees and expenses.



Income Spent on Youth Activities

According to Time Magazine, as of 2017, the average American household spends more than 10% of their total income on extracurricular activities for their kids.



Less Participation for Low Income

Pay to Play is a rapidly growing plague on the youth of America. It impacts sports, performing arts, academic clubs, and more. Low income kids are 3 times less likely to participate.


How It Works.

The athletes earn their sponsorship simply by rallying supporters who are willing to learn more about what the sponsors offer. The sponsors will pay up to $75 per in-home presentation about their product. The Campaign is less than 30 days long and includes incentives for participation that are also funded by the sponsor.


simple. easy. fun

Step 1 The whole team signs up to participate

Step 2 Each kid registers and starts earning

Step 3 Fans support by meeting with the selected sponsor

Step 4 Kids earn prizes and donations from completed appointments and sales

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Our Story

We are Fundeazy and we specialize in helping youth groups raise funds thru crowdfunding and sponsorship. We are based out of Utah and committed to helping youth throughout the United States have the financial means to participate in extracurricular activities.

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