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Sick of fundraising? We are your experts at online crowdfunding!  Fund your campaign with branded rewards for your backers.  We do the work, you keep ALL of the proceeds. Goodbye unwanted fees.  Accept credit cards, collect donations and track funds raised all online. No upfront costs and free credit card processing.


Why Crowdfunding?

Because traditional fundraising doesn't work. STOP sending your kids door to door peddling goods that nobody wants for cents on the dollar.  We can and have helped any organization that serves youth including performing arts, sports, academic clubs, volunteer service groups, scouting, religious, music and more. If you are a teacher, leader, coach, volunteer or parent that works with youth, Fundeazy will change your life.



Kids play Sports in the U.S.

Kids need extracurricular activities and are participating in great numbers. The opportunities are abundant but so are the fees and expenses.



Income Spent on Youth Activities

According to Time Magazine, as of 2017 the average American household spends more than Ten Percent of their total income on extracurricular activities for their kids.



Less Participation for Low Income

Pay to Play is a rapidly growing plague on the youth of America. It impacts sports, performing arts, academic clubs and more. Low income kids are 3 times less likely to participate.


How it works.

FundEazy is a crowdfunding platform with backer rewards for donations. It is designed specifically for youth. Dedicated campaign managers are assigned to each organization to maximize success. The backer rewards program is proven to increase donations compared to fundraising platforms that just beg for cash.


simple. easy. fun

Here's how it works. Select Merchandise and brand the Swag with your logo. Use social media and email platforms to send backers to your custom web page where all the donations are made online without door-to-door approaches. There are no up front costs for products - you get wholesale costs and can keep all of the proceeds from the Fundraiser. All products are shipped to the Organizer and you distribute to backers.

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Our Story

We are Fundeazy and we specialize in helping youth groups raise funds thru Crowdfunding. Fundeazy is a mobile-friendly, crowdfunding platform that offers rewards to backers, primarily custom branded products (swag). We are very passionate about helping youth succeed. We are non-profit consultants here to help your organization. There are no fees and we are not selling anything.

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