Fundeazy brokers sponsorships with local companies that want to support youth groups, teams and clubs. Everything is done digitally and operated by Fundeazy. All the on-boarding, campaign management and outreach is done by Fundeazy to minimize burden on volunteers, coaches and teachers.

The athletes earn their sponsorship simply by rallying supporters who are willing to learn more about what the sponsors offer. There is absolutely no purchase necessary and the kids are not asked to sell anything or know about the product or company. Instead of a jersey patch or banner, these companies simply want a customer audience.

Bonus donations are offered for purchases from the sponsors. Without asking anyone for donations, the Fundeazy sponsored teams have raised 5 times as much money as previous fundraising efforts.

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1 Solar will donate directly to the youth organization for every in-home solar assessment. An additional BONUS will be donated for leads that generate a deal. 1 Solar is also providing prizes for participants of the campaign.



Fundeazy provides “backer rewards” to any supporter of the campaign. Rewards are determined by amount a supporter is contributing.


Interested in becoming a sponsor

We are always looking for new sponsors to help the millions of youth groups in need. Click the link below and let us know how you would like to help out.

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