Girls on the Run Utah 2018

GOTR Utah program runs March 12- June 2, 2018


This campaign will help more girls participate in Girls on the Run! Our team goal is to sponsor one girl!

Goal: Sponsor 1 girl
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About our Campaign

Empathy is defined as the ability to see and value what another person is feeling or experiencing.  Psychologists define empathy as a core skill for “pro-social” behaviors involved in building close relationships, maintaining friendships and developing strong communities.  Girls on the Run incorporates empathy into the program lessons, and we believe that through performing acts of kindness and service for one another we may all learn to see and value people’s feelings and others for who they are. 

The Empathy Project provides an opportunity for girls to develop and practice empathy by performing acts of kindness as well as raising money to sponsor a girl(s) to participate in the Girls on the Run program.  Our scholarship funding needs continue to increase each year as people learn the value of having their daughter in our program. 50% of the girls participating in our program require financial assistance. We are asking for help in raising funds ($235 - the actual cost per girl) for  under-served girls to participate. Our goal to be able to provide the program to ALL girls. Help us strengthen our community by helping our girls stretch and think beyond themselves.

Together we can make the invisible visible by participating in, The Empathy Project. 

Donate today by purchasing one of the fun swag products below that shows your commitment to kindness or by making a monetary donation in any amount. 

Please note:This is an optional fundraiser. The teams and girls should not feel obligated to participate. 

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If you would rather, donate today and show your commitment to kindness by making a monetary donation in ANY amount.

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