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Cindy Payne's Recovery

Facebook updates through Taylor Payne

100% of the proceeds will go toward Cindy Payne's Recovery.  Fundeazy has donated their time and resources to help Cindy and her family.  If you choose to purchase a glass, they are at our wholesale cost.

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Taylor Payne - Daughter

"On Tuesday, January 30th, my life was flipped upside down. I received an email stating that I needed to call my mom’s coworker. She then told me that my mom was in the hospital. As I was driving to the hospital with it in sight… I received a call from the ER Doctor stating that my mom had a Stroke and she was in need of a procedure that needed to happen right away… When I got to the Hospital, it was like a movie scene. I was taken back to the Emergency Room and the Doctors and Nurses were scrambling, yelling “THIS IS THE DAUGHTER, THIS IS THE DAUGHTER”. The Doctor came up to me and started speaking Doctor Jargon. He told me that she had had a Stroke and has a Blood Clot on the Left side of her brain. He proceeded to tell me they gave her TPA (which is a Blood Clot Buster and is given within the first 5 hours of a Stroke) and that she needed a Thrombectomy (which is a procedure where they go thru the groin, up the blood vessels to the brain and basically pull the blood clot out). As he was telling me all of this, my mind was racing a million miles a second and I was trying not to hyperventilate. I got to see my mom for about 20 seconds and they took her back. 

My mom then spent 2 days in the Neuro ICU and 4 days in the Stroke Ward at Hoag in Newport Beach. On Monday, February 5th, she was transferred to a rehabilitation center in Tustin and will be there until the end of next week. 

I recently received a message from my Mom’s Manager at Hurley telling me that there are some of her co-workers that would like to donate money for the out-of-pocket expenses. My heart burst with appreciation. 

My mom is a single parent and has given me the best life she could possibly give me. She is my best friend and I am SOOOO grateful that she is still on this earth. I would not be who I am without her.

I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the thoughts, prayers, text messages, phone calls, Facebook messages, cards and abundance of flowers. It has meant a lot and I’m grateful for everyone that has reached out to us.

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Please click "Donate Now" to contribute.  100% of the proceeds will go to Cindy and her family. 

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If you would like to purchase a pint glass, they are offered at our wholesale cost.

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